International Partnering

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What do we offer?

A single agreement and a single system of collaboration for housing

You will not have to open multiple agreements in multiple places. We offer a portfolio of new built and resale real estate on the Spanish coast of Alicante, Almeria, Costa del sol and Madrid.

Do you know customers in Negative Equity? Do you want to help them?

We offer to help these clients and to manage the dwellings of clients caught in the financial problem of the NEGATIVE EQUITY.

Do you want to earn extra money taking in houses from people who want to sell their house in Spain?

You can transact it from your computer, tablet or mobile.
You do not have to move from your office or home.
It´s done in 15 minutes.
And you can also send the keys of your client to Spain from our website.

Do you have investors?

Do you want to offer analyzed investments, unique and out of the market? Do you want to offer housing for rent 52 weeks a year?

We invite you to get to know Madrid as a destination and investment. We will assign an EXCLUSIVE ACCESS code to our private Investment area.

Selection process

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